[ Photoshop Colin's Face ] - [ 20 Minutes ]




Sorry. for some reason that came up. here is my real one:http://speedmodeling.org/smcfiles/JaydenB_colin_photoshopped%20copy.JPG


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OMG Colin is going to murtylize you!

He asked you not to.
Which makes it even better.

Gotta love you Colin. What? You don’t like holding a baby dragon? :frowning:

This is fun!

LOL That has given me the biggest laugh I have had in ages literally. Dude, Colin will kill you but, this is now my new wallpaper.

Funny as all heck.:evilgrin::D:D

Although looking at Sintels SSS skin shader as compared to Colin"s skin, it matches so beautifully, it actually made me have 100 times more confidence in the team to actually have a major success on their hands.

This skin shader is truly well done.

Oh my god. I hate you but I can’t stop laughing!

You can beat the crap out of me @ the next Blender Conference Colin. :wink:

Seems like Colin and Ton are having some interesting discussions:


Hahahaha!. That one is epic! I’d kneel for Ton if I didn’t believe in God. xD

Haha yeh, Ive been trying to work out how Ton has dodged all the photoshop efforts, so I thought id might as well kill 2 birds with one stone :evilgrin:

Also the quotes are from 300, I just changed them a little to make it fit in better :rolleyes:

Love the sintel+dragon one btw AniCator!

Can’t let this thread die!


Oh my! No WAY! That’s WAY too fitting! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:
NOO! I have been beaten. :frowning:


one last jest, just in case :slight_smile: