Photoshop Drawing

Hi guys Ive had photoshop for a while but ive only really used it for abstract art and manipulation of cars but i decided to do some painting, i only have a mouse but i think it looks kinda cool, the first one is of my brother and he says it looks like the terminator, and the second one is of a random dude i found on the net.

they look a bit wierd but hey thats what arts all about right, what do you guys think, please post tips and tricks because i know nothing (i love hogans heros)

the first one looks like you gave a realyl good shot at lighting, good effort

thanks man yer lighting was the main thing i was trying to Convey (i dont think thats the right word but you know what i meen)

its from a photo taken at his wedding on the mundy mundy plains just out of broken hill For those who dont live in Australia Close to the middle of australia in a big desert anyway the sunsets thier are amazing probably because thierare no trees that get in the road and thiers no polution ect ect and the photo was taken at sunset.

very nice,

the first one is my favorite,but i dont like the cloths,maybe add some more light and shadows.