Photoshop free


Is there any ‘free’ soft for ipad that has the same functions as Photoshop?

and for android 8 , is there any soft of this genre ?


Not free, but affinity photo is a really reasonable price. $69.99 for a perpetual license - no subscription needed.

It’s also highly effective and has really good interoperability with PS


great tip Is there any soft with an interface more similar to the Photoshop interface for android? thanks

Even better, it’s only $20 on the iPad.

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For Android, there’s Krita.

I used to use : adobe Photoshop mix to make clippings .

what is the current adobe program that has this function?


Infinite painter is the closest and the cheapest PS alternative that is on Android and Ipad. They used to offer a free version on Android.

I personally prefer ProCrerate for painting on Ipad but IP has a lot of great sketching tools.


I think you didn’t understand my question I wanted to mix photos with clippings and collages what soft would be suitable for this? software for android?

I would like a soft that has a special interface for smartphones


IP has full layer support with layer clippings, groups, distortion, transform etc. I tested it on Android tablet, in theory it should work on a phone as well.

thank you for your attention but I wanted something more specific for photo collages