Photoshop Image Texture Correcting


Wasn’t sure to post this here or in texturing/lighting.

Failry simple question, im just wondering if someone could explain to me or point me to a tutorial for getting rid of any pre-existing light which has been cast on image textures taken with a camera. I have some clip art trees i want to use with an alpha map but they have their indigenous light already cast on them which i want to get rid of, have them as netural as possible.


Duplicate the layer(Cntrl-J), run the High Pass filter (Filters>>Other>>HighPass) on the copied layer. Play with the radius slider, leaving it at a place where sufficient lighting is removed. Hit OK, and finally set the blendmode of this layer to luminosity. The underlying layer will now have lighting removed. If the effect is too strong, you can lower the opacity of the top (luminosity) layer. Play around with different Radius settings for the best effect.

Thankyou so much. Got it!

I do not have elements but i have photoshop cs4 and i’m hoping the tools are basically the same. Wouldn’t it just be easier to make a selection of the womans hands and face and apply the texture to your selection.
OK i have just checked a couple of tutorials and it looks like you cannot create a layer mask without an adjustment so i’m guessing you have not linked the layers so here is what you have to do
1 - create any adjustment layer and press ok
2 - drag the whole layer under the layer you want to work on
3 - now you must link the layers , to do this press and hold the ALT key now move your curser between the layers you want to link , your curser will change to a padlock click the mouse and release the Alt key and your layers are linked.
Now select the mask and you are set to go
Happy painting.