Photoshop Landscape

Learning photoshop and would love to learn Blender. Had a little look at it today and can’t wait to get my teeth into it. I know the photoshop attempt isn’t the best but I was pleased with the outcome of my first attempt at an illustration. What does everyone else think???:confused:


Not bad at all, but it lacks the sense of depth. I can’t decide if it’s a moon there, or a big rock in the water, because it’s got the same sharpness as everything else in the picture, and also doesn’t reflect light. Other than that it’s pretty good.

Very cool! I love the water! :smiley:

But same as above post, you can’t tell if it’s a moon or a rock, I think it not being an exact circle also contributed to that, but still awesome, and better than I can do with photoshop, :rolleyes:

Cheers for the comments. Thanks heaps, I didn’t really expect anyone to say anything nice at all for my first attempt… After that I may keep on experimenting… Very chuffed.