Photoshop resizing image issue

I have a .bmp file at around 500x500 pixels and wish to resize it to around 215x215 pixels, but the image gets somewhat distorted after resizing (e.g. 2 lines that are the same size at 500x500 would look different sizes at 215x215). It looks relatively better if I halve it (i.e. 250x250) or quarter it (i.e. 125x125) but resizing to any number that is not a factor of 500 leads to the aforementioned issue. I have tried using all 3 resampling methods, and bicubic works the best but still does not prevent the issue. Also, there doesn’t seem to be any difference in whether it is a .bmp, .jpg, etc. I am using RBG Color Mode. Thanks for any help.

I have always found the resize in Gimp to be superior to PS for my own work.

It’s free to download. Why don’t you give it a try?

Usually, you get better results if you convert your image to linear color space, resize and then convert back to sRGB color space. The issue you are describing is well known and well documented on the Web. You would get the same issues with whatever paint application if you don’t take the sRGB -> Linear -> resize -> sRGB workflow.