Photoshop setup recreated in Blender, can it be done?

Hello all,
I have a question about a setup I have for a character I’m building using fur.
I have the problem that I have two settings I want to merge together but the look I managed so far was done in Photoshop, which unfortunately wont help me when it comes to rendering it out afterwards.
In photoshop the image was done with
Layer one having 100 visibility but was multiplied (light layer)
Layer two was 50% transparent but was set as is without anything else. (Dark Layer)

Is it possible to do this in Blender Compositing nodes, what is the correct step to join the two in a node setup.

I’m a little reluctant to show the work just yet as its still incomplete but if it comes to being impossible to do without a visual aid Ill try and create a wip image.

Can’t you just use a Mix node? The first one set to multiply with the fac at 1.00. The other set to Mix with the fac at 0.5.

Steve S

Sorry for the late reply, yes I had used a mix node but it wasn’t doing it the way I had hoped, I realized that Photoshop wasn’t just effecting the fur but everything in the scene including the lighting, Ive made some further work on it in Blender by adding a transparency setting to the darker hair material and tweaking the settings on the lighting within the scene, its not exactly how I would have liked it but it will do for now.
(I know they may look alike, but I believe the Photoshop one is softer in appearance, but for now I’m settling with it so I can concentrate on the hair work.)