Phototropia, an Online Exhibit of 140 Digital Photos

I have a new digital photograph exhibit called "Phototropia" at my website:

140 photos are here, and most of them connect in different ways to aspects of light in all its meanings.

Some photos were tweaked/cropped in Photoshop. The “Christmas Lights” and “Information Overload” photos were mainly cropped, with the effect coming from varied shutter speeds and camera motion rates and directions. The bubble/gel photos involved closeups of soap bottles.

Some photos were planned, while others were somewhat opportunistic (interesting lighting conditions/subject/setting/time of day/etc.).

Some images, as suggested by the titles, are meant to be more abstract or metaphorical/philosophical/humorous, while others simply are what they are, be they more textural or studies in form, composition, color, and so on.

I enjoyed conducting this project over the past few weeks, and I hope you get a chance to see some of it.

Thanks for looking,


Some of these are really awesome. The ones “after november” and “it hardly felt like december” are great. You should do this more often, but then you’d have less time for 3D, hehe. you could randomly pick one of these and whatever one you chose would be a sweet album cover (which is often the only thing i think about when i look through photos… which ones would make good cover art and for what type of band)

Nice maquette poses too :stuck_out_tongue:

Looked/browsed true them. Manny highlights espesially like “after november” and “blinds drawn” the christmas lighting serie wasn’t my cup of tea but that’s the minority.

Cheers and keep on takin photos manny are good.

What camera did you priamarily use?

can you add next/prev on the imageview?


Thanks for the responses! I took a big break from blending when doing this, so I’m glad there was some interest out there in this project :slight_smile:

I used an Olympus 510 ultra zoom camera (7.1 megapixel), mostly in macro mode though.

basse: A good idea! I will probably do that at some point, especially since I plan to add some more photos to this exhibit eventually.