PHP-Fusion - Good choice for a CMS?


Well thanks to a friendly elysiun user :wink: , I now have some php enabled server space with a Mysql Database.

Although I’m planning on having alot of my own php code in my website I would like to start with a nice solid core.

php-fusion has been my favoured choice so far but I wanted to make this post to find out what you think.

Is php-fusion a good choice?

Would I be better using php-nuke or some other CMS?

I’d especially like to hear from webmasters who have first hand experience with open source Content Management Systems.



If it’s a personal site try wordpress or etomite. Try drupal if you really want to play.

I’d stay away from anything nuke related, it’s bloatware IMAO, especially for a single user site. Not sure about fusion, I can’t even get the site to come up.


When the website’s finished. It will probably be a community site for blender users and GIMP artists alike.

Alot of work to do yet though.

My first choice was nuke, but it has alot of security holes/bugs etc…

php-fusion seems to have a lot less bugs and is alot smaller.

Here’s the link to php-fusion:

I find that template based cms’s like mambo and php-nuke etc restrict my creativity when I design a site.

for a personal site I’d suggest textpattern. Light and simple to use.