Phsyics Suspension


A quick python question, how do you disable the phsyics for an object so that it won’t collide with it’s parent? .suspendDynamics() and .disableRigidBody() don’t work.

Why don’t suspend and disable work??

Those are really your only options…

I use suspend/resume extensively, and it works like a charm for me. Could you explain how you observe it not working? Maybe paste a minimal example blend file?
Regards, Morten

They don’t work because they only appear to change the object to static, which means it still causes the parent object it spawns within to fly of into the distance, I want to be able to change it to no collosion.

Ohhhh. Yes. That is impossible with our current API.

Things like No Collision, Soft Body, Sensor, etc. are all too new…they haven’t been added to our API yet…so we have no control.

Why don’t you just change them to No Collision and then enable dynamics later?