Phunsformers - The begining

Since it’s finished, I’d like to present you: Phunsformers - a “movie” billboard…

The only external post-proccessing was adding text (in Gimp). Ridiculous resolution is for my desktop wallpaper setup, hope you don’t mind.

Bigger version on: and some variation on this subject is visible on (with additional object :slight_smile: )

Hope you like it, have fun!


I like it! Also (on your site) it’s a very nice way to show your email address, Unique, and crawl/spider bot proof. I’m curious, I read your from poland, and your domain name (.pl) is the polish extension, but the “renderos companieros” on the picture, isn’t that Spanish? I don’t actually know any Spanish, but that’s what that sounds like.

very good idea with the e-mail
and i like the “robotyki” video :slight_smile:

Thanks, glad you like it!

Well, neither do I know Spanish :wink: but I needed some kind of subtitle, and that was a first thing that came to my mind. I think it just sounds funny and friendly to a person that do renderings :slight_smile: I just hope it doesn’t offend any Spanish speakers…

Thank you. “Podstawy robotyki” means in Polish “robotics fundamentals” (or “bases of robotics”?). Also, when little robot make a mistake with exclamation mark instead of “i”, it shows a word “robotyk!” which also may be interpreted as polish word.

So its all makes a little more sense when you know Polish :slight_smile:

LOL yup i’m sure i would have liked it more had I known that
but sais alot about your skill, that I pretty much got the concept without even knowing the language
again great job :slight_smile:

During this weekend I’ve find the time to make a “sequel” of intro (for second part of e-learning project)

So, new video is at (still converting while I’m writing this)

And previous one here:

Personally, I like render settings (lighting, materials etc.) more in second part. In another hand scenario is a little less clear and more senseless - but it’s funny, after all…

Have fun!

PS. I’d like to credit one again author of SSGI node: harkyman. I find this little addition extremely useful.

Well, here are some example still from Phunsformers Edu-mission TM;)

Parts of Lego NXT system are shown by robots in (hopefully) funny way.

A have no idea how to show “touch sensor”. Right now robot is just standing with touch-sensor, so it’s kind of boring. Maybe you could help me here?


Well, I hope nobody gets offended with what I came up while working with servomechanism :slight_smile:

Effect is… errrm… interesting. Or maybe it’s just me who have sick imagination?

But seriously, I’m lack of idea right here. Anybody?


For the touch sensor, shouldn’t he run into another robot or something?

And what if one of the other robots stuck its fingers into the servomotor–then it turns on and spins him around in a circle?

you right, touch sensor and servomotor need two robots for some interaction.
Those are supposed to be still images, so idea with spinning robot is a bit risky (but with good motion blur it can be done).

Thanks for help, I’ll post effect as soon as I get them :slight_smile:

ther motor is umm, slightly disturbing…

Hi there!, very nice animations and still images. Love the robot design!
About the touchsensor. Try having one robotski blindfolded and holding it infront of him. Maybe you can have one more robot in the image aswell… just a thought.
About the motor, tough knut to krack, maybe add a text ‘Vroom’ or as said do something with motionblur.