Well I just came across this today and was wondering if something like this could be integrated into Blender.

The forum has a search function in the top right corner so you can search the forum for PhysBAM and see the threads already discussing this subject

we need this is blender!

yeah, Ive posted about it already. even if possible there’s so much i/o from blender to physbam it’s becoming impossible. or would atleast replace el’beem for fluid sims,then do all the soft/rigid bodies. and smoke. all those have their own libs or code to do the calculations, and some of them is become integrated with each other.

eg. smoke sim can now effect cloth, and in proper time maybe cloth and soft bodies can be sim with bullet instead.

also there was a issue about physBAM “being open source” but lot of the good stuf is missing from their repo.

with that said it’s been used in many films to do sim. but yeah its another dead end since “they” don’t release the entire lib. otherwise it would be awesome.

but bullet is taking place doing rigid bodies, and hopefully soft bodies [in realtime] , the cloth.