Physic Engine Test (Post yours)

Hello. I experimented a bit with the physics engine today. Had alot of fun doing it and i learnt alot from it. Only thing bugging me is that blender crashes some time while running the game engine with the physics engine. Anyways, i am encouraging everyone to post your own physic engine test(s) to learn from each other and look at kewl stuff.

My test:

thats some cool shiz right there Marsan!

i like it…i still need to work out how to do something like that. Do you know of any good tutorials?

cool! could you give me the file so i could try it without having to stack all those bricks?im gonna make a wrecking ball

Ill post the .blend later :slight_smile: its pretty easy to set up actually.

I’ve done quite a few physic test:

Here’s one I did:)

Done quite long ago. :slight_smile: