Physic fluids affecting a static mesh to volume item, or a static imported VDB file

Hi there,

I Haven´t researched it by myself so much, but as I can see it, I just don´t see a way to dynamicly push advect a static mesh to volume with the fluid physics engine, neither in older fluid system nor in blender 2,9 and 3.1.
Nor can I import a static VDB file and push/advect that either?

Houdini and Lightwave for instance can do this, in Lightwave for instance I just add a vdb gas solver node between the output from the mesh to volume nodes, hitting the timeline and it will calculate a fluid simulation on top of what was a static vdb from a mesh to volume fog item.

But since blender hasn´t implemented the vdb tools properly, there is no such way as I can see it.

Any suggestions, corrections of my thought´s around this would be welcome if factual correct, before sending this to any suggested development.