physical object

I know this may sound dumb but If I create a character in blender and make it an actor then the actual physical arora of the character emits from the center in a circle pattern. How can I make the touch sensetive part of the object cover the entire mesh and not just emit in a sphere from the center? If say my object was a cube?

Yea, I’ve always had the same problem,I don’t think there is a solution.

But if there is, i’ll be very happy :smiley:

You can select other bounds like box, cylinder, polyheder or polytope. The last two are pretty much per polygon but they are slow and very buggy. :frowning:
Sphere’s still the most bug free option right now.
EDIT: sphere is the only option if you’re using a blender version before 2.33

Okay that’s what I thought, but what if say I were creating dominoes and wanted to push only one, each succesive domine would fall on it’s own, how would you work around this problem?

Use Ipos :stuck_out_tongue: or wait for Blender’s game engine to get expanded

yeah but that’s no fun!

I played with dominoes before and had a curve, it would do the straight part good but then when it got to one facing a different direction it went right through it