Physical requirements: "You must be able to lift 70 lbs."

A standard requirement … for a software developer?

That sounds a little strange.

I can “pick up” 70 pounds, but I can’t imagine myself lifting 70 pounds over my head (unless the load has better grips than your average box - assuming that by “lift” they actually mean “lift over your head”), and I would consider myself to be a relatively “in-shape” guy … definitely in shape when compared to the average software developer, which is a cast of people notorious for their physical inactivity.

So, I’m just wondering: do guys see that requirement a lot, for positions that require a minimum of a BS in Computer Science?

I worked in data entry and had to certify that I could lift ~60 lbs. My guess would be it’s a back health check, to make sure you can sit all day without adverse effects. It definitely doesn’t mean “over your head” though. More like “hold at chest height without collapsing into a heap.”

It’s a requirement to be strong enough to assemble a new server rack and move it. Then there is the usual office things like helping the hot secretary bring another box of copy paper in, lug the hardware offsite to be able to do a presentation, etc.

It definitely sounds strange to me, too. I think I would pass this “opportunity” by.

Sometimes you have to move printers to clear paper jams. Isn’t that part of the job too? :wink:

Perhaps they can require you to be able to lift 70lbs as some measure of physical fitness, but I don’t think they can require you to actually lift it over your head since iirc anything above 50lbs would have to be a buddy lift (aka team lift) situation anyway

is the job java related? :wink:

Yeah. Like has been stated it’s a dumb health check. The average software developer looks really weak. Most look very fragile. Some companies try their way to avoid hiring people who have tendency to develop health problems.

Anyway, weight lifting isn’t efficient parameter most of the time. One may lift 70 pounds and still have bad fat, smoke and drink too much, abuse other types of drugs including medicines. On the other hand, an anorexic looking person really seems to have tendency to be troubled with health.

Good to know I’m above that average, though :cool:

aggh 70 pounds isn’t too exactly heavy unless you are seriously unfit, if you have an average fitness level and an okay back you should left that.

Eh, 70lbs is a lot for an old man, but seriously if you are under 55 and can’t lift 70 lbs do some push ups already. It ain’t that much, unless you’ve been maxing out at an xbox controller all your life :wink: which is is a pretty big piece of gear nonwithstanding.