Physical simulation in Blender, new video

(Devas73) #1

Hi all,
I have succedeed in the integration of Blender with ODE, I’m working now on having a user friendly way to use it (having a simple workflow and maybe a GUI).
You can get the ace compressed video here: (720 Kb) and you can take a look to a snaphost here
It will be possible to assign a collision shape to a model made of spheres, cubes or capped cylinders - the problem now is how to make everything user friendly and usable by non programmers or non engineers… ; )

(Switchblade) #2

I get an error when I click that link mate… maybe your bandwidth is too high at xoom??

and thank you for trying to make this user-friendly, that is very important for us who are not programmers :wink:


(Devas73) #3

Hmmm… no problem here… very strange.
I hope it’s not a problem of accessibility outside Italy… try later.

(eeshlo) #4

I get a CRC error when trying to extract the avi from the .ace file…

(Devas73) #5

ooops… I’ll post the uncompressed video this evening.
I was trying to save bandwidth…
I think I will learn how to create divx movies…