Physical simulations

Hello All !

I am interested in physical simulation for blender. I have some ideas, but I can not choose the best (the most usefull). So I’m looking for advice. So here they are:

  1. Simulation of fire and smoke.
  2. Simulation of cloth.
  3. Simulation of rigid bodies with the accent on accuracy.
    What of this features would be the most usefull ?

I’d like to apply my project to Google Summer of Code. I’d like to have mentor, who will help me to get into the code of blender and well guide me. Also taking part in SoC will let me not to work at summer and take my time for the project. So I’m looking for mentor also.

Short background:
I am a 4th year student of MIPT (, Department of General and Applied Physics. My speciality is simulation. In a few month I’ll finish my diploma connected with gas flowing through the complex structure.
I also contributed to Step physical simulator (

There’s been lots of wishing for a clothe simulator, from what I’ve seen. There was one in progress, quite a good one, too, but apparently the creator suffered some health problems. Considering it’s open source, maybe you might be able to pick up where he left off.


There’s a link to the cloth simulation if you’re interested.

I think fire and smoke would be great. but it would be great it it were fast to calculate and render.

And would be very benificial if it able to deal with stuff like mist… clouds…
and perhaps have a 2d or 2.5d alternative which could use the solver on a plane (like clouds, or candles seen from one angle, or layered mist with vortexex and stuff able to go through it)

I am interested in teaming up with a GSOC winner to help with user interface and usability from an early stage. Take some of the weight off. so if you win look me up.


I have been looking for something for smoke, fire and mists for a time, as well. The current mist feature is good for basics, but not if you want it to be geometric, animated. And smoke and fire, particles are the one way; something more advanced would be nice :slight_smile:

some volumetric smoke and clouds, like Vue 6, would be awesome. the trick is low particle count so rendering does not take forever. Ken Perlin has some two dimensional ideas (professor) that maybe extended to 3D, especially with your knowledge of fluids. For example, the vortex and turbulence left by a body travelling through a gas. I think there are some core tools in Blender that you could build on, for example the Lattice based distortion and stretching already works, for example airflow over a wing could be modeled, but then the turbulence modeling is non-existent. Halo particles that are blurred give a good approximation of mist clumps, but they are not granular enough for true volumetric appearance. Thanks! I hope you follow through!

I would really like to see the simulation of fire and smoke (primarily smoke for clouds).

Just out of curiosity, how would your simulation of rigid bodies be different from what already exists in blender?

Good luck!

My preferences would be in the order that you’ve listed them.

1. Simulation of fire and smoke: Completely absent from blender & useful for common effects, including clouds.

2. Simulation of cloth: Probably more useful than the first option (fewer naked characters & CG fashion disasters running around :eek: ), but already under development . . . though temporarily stalled?

3. Simulation of rigid bodies with the accent on accuracy: Blender already has rigid bodies, but making a good thing better would be great, too.

Whichever you choose, I’m sure it would be greatly appreciated by the Blender community. And if you happened to be a programming god and did fire+cloth (burning britches, anyone?), you would likely be worshiped by a sizable portion of it. :wink:

My main advice would be: choose the one that interests you the most . . . which would no doubt increase your enjoyment & the quality of the project.


I go for fire and smoke, too. Really, what I’d love is a true volumetric renderer option: fire, smoke, swirling fog, voxels, the works. Not asking too much, am I? :yes:

Another vote for Fire and Smoke - Hey, you should’ve made this a poll!

I’d just like to see particles and fire be some sort of particle setting.

So I could get cloth.

Here’s one more for fire and smoke! If that can somehow be translated to volumetric clouds, I would be very excited! Best of luck, and I hope you are able to get a proposal together!

Hello again.

Great thanks to everyone, who payed attention to my topic and gave me advise.

So I found that fire and smoke are most useful. But there is a trouble with this project. In blender there is no voxel rendering, so even when I will finish fire simulation I shall present the results as a particle system and then render it. However, as soon as voxel rendering is done in blender my project will use it for visualization. It is very possible that I will write voxel rendering just after this project, but I can not do both of it in Summer of Code timeframe.

I am interested in teaming up with a GSOC winner to help with user interface and usability from an early stage. Take some of the weight off. so if you win look me up.

OK, if I win, I’ll connect to you. Thank you

Sorry for being abit stupid, but what’s voxel rendering and why wouldn’t just simpel halos work? And by the way, I vote for the fire and smoke. ((:

It is a bit of a silly thing to say, yes. :stuck_out_tongue: Halos are not physical, they can’t cast shadows, they can’t have volume, they can’t do anything but glow funny colours.

Observe, volumetric (voxel) rendering.

EDIT: Also, observe halo rendering, essentially.

Hi again,
And again thanks for reply.

There is two think to distinguish: calculation and rendering. Calculation gives us a shape, intensity and another physical parameters of fire/smoke.
Rendering gives visualization of calculated parameters.
My project mainly concern to calculations. It would me based on Boltzmann equation solving (deal with distribution function). To visualize the results particle system can be used until voxel rendering will be done.

Sorry for being abit stupid, but what’s voxel rendering and why wouldn’t just simpel halos work? And by the way, I vote for the fire and smoke. ((:

May be this will be useful:

EDIT: Also, observe halo rendering, essentially.

Oh. I saw better examples with particles…

Well, yeah, I’m using kind of an extreme case, but Blender’s ‘halos’ are pretty much at that level. They don’t cast shadows or even interact with each other that well. They just display circular blobs. It might be good for something like fire, but I dunno how well smoke would work.

Yes, perhaps you are right :frowning:
But it is only for some time : until I or someone else will do voxel rendering. Also I heard that there was such project (voxel rendering) in previous SoC and it may be continued. That is why I don’t want to start it now myself. Besides I should be more familiar with blender code to do rendering, than to do simulation. And when I’ll finish my project I will be familiar enough with code :slight_smile:

This sounds good! :yes: Yes! Voxels sound awesome…btw…what happened to the other project that wanted to implement voxels? Is it still alive?

I forgot to mention in my first post that, doing cloth has another benefit. Seeing as it has already been started, someone like yourself could finish it . . . and make it the best cloth simulator around!

Unless you truly desire to do something completely from scratch, picking up where the previous coder left off opens up awesome possibilities . . . like optimization for making it really fast/stable/user-friendly, allowing it to interact with fluids (unless that’s trivial?), etc.

Just another 2 cents . . . hope it’s helpful.

And thanks in advance for your contribution to Blender and it’s community!


Naw, see if someone else can clean up the cloth code. There wasn’t a LOT left in the todo list, last time I checked.