Physical Starlight and Atmosphere Addon for 2.9 (v1.3)

Hey Lukas,
Thank you for your patience! I aggregated all issues we’ve received regarding this topic and created an issue on Github. It will be prioritized after the upcoming release.

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Edit: yes, sorry, it works, I simply forgot that the factory cube scene was set on Eevee instead of Cycles; in Cycles, the workaround solves the problem - which for info, is not only limited to Iris / Intel devices.

Thank you!

Thanks for your reply, but no, it doesn't.

First, for info, I’m not on Iris / Intel graphic device, but on a Optix RTX 2060S.

Second, the angular diameter has to do with the issue, as editing the value, I could finally see the sun disk, but I couldn’t manage to, by it lower the absolute brightness of the screen.

The Intensity slider seem to have NO effect on the scene, unless I lower the atmosphere density from 1.20 to 0, in which case intensity affects the ground illumination, but of course this is no workaround.
So, I guess the problem is with the atmosphere setup.

Day (I lowered the atmosphere density or else the sky was white and you could not see the sun disk):

Night (at factory setting for atmosphere):


  • Blender 2.92
  • Nvidia RTX 2060S
  • updated to the last Nvidia Studio drivers

Happy that this workaround worked for you. You are first reporting that having an Optix RTX 2060S video card introduces the same bug, but even worse as the workaround is not working for Eevee. I’ll extend the Github issue with the information you provided. Thanks!

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Are there plans for new release with new features soon? I’ve bought a year ago on promisse of wonderful new features which have not yet manifested :slight_smile: Do you have public roadmap? :slight_smile:


Hi, we want clouds :wink:


yeah rip lol

Hi! Here`s a long overdue update.
First of all, thank you so much for the love the addon is getting :heart:

Apart from making a proper webpage with tutorials and documentation, fixing issues and maintaining existing features of addon (which is not at all trivial), we are working on a new version. As things are interconnected in the shader, one visual change lead to another and it grew from 1.3.x to 1.4!

We have been working hard on your most requested features and finally cloud update is here! While I am still working on a proper cloud formation technique, nevertheless I have included an input field for your own cloud texture, either procedural or hdri. As lame as that sounds, take a look at it yourself!

(beta version)

(older dev video)

That is done using only one greyscale texture - scattering and lighting is calculated in Physical Atmosphere shader. We are now (really) wrapping the version up and a 1.4 beta will be available for you to try.

Few more things.
the Atmosphere node setup has grown huge and I am taking time to clean it up now.

The performance has slightly dropped due 6 extra scattering passes and few extra node groups. I will address the performance issue by splitting some tasks outside of the big group. The issue is related to shader recompilation every time a value has changed inside the node setup. Once they are passed from outside as uniforms, it runs super smooth.
Also fog calculation for every material will be done slightly different. Material fog is very important and right now for scenes with many materials, it is almost unusable.

In parralel to the PSA, we are also working on number of new addons. Here is a teaser of few.

Physical Special Materials pack:

physically correct thin film interference:


accurate retroreflectors:

real-time analytical planets (saturn)

real-time raymarched planets with analytical lighting.

real-time oceans

On a more personal note, I know I haven’t been very public for the past year. I don’t work completely full-time on the addon. I am a Blender teacher in school and university, trying to maintain a local Blender community and, more importantly - my family.
But together with my brother we are improving our communication skills with you, replying to customer mails every work day and maintaining a bug-tracker. You won`t believe how much time avaporates there. :sweat_smile:

I wish you all the best.


Wow, not sure why but after few months of visiting this forum I decided to take a look and it seems you have just posted. Amazing new stuff under development, I’m looking forward those planets!


Awesome stuff!, there is a new Shader Execution Model coming in 3.0, which might help with Shader Compilations, has well has some other great thing noted here,


Clouds look terrific. Really looking forward to this.


This light and render looking very good :+1: amazing job, Tell me please is there something similar for UPBGE version 2.0.4-2.0.5? or maybe there are tutorials on how to make realistic planets and correct lighting for the blender of old versions 2.79? :thinking:

Beautiful Work !

This is absolutely amazing! I have to say, it’s the best sky system I’ve ever seen - I am huge fun of your work and all the effort you are putting into it! I’ve also tried some concurrence addons, but in comparison, they were not usable at all! One big difference is in “air perspective” which is sooo important! And you are making it in the material way, which is amazing compare to all the true volume methods - just ellegant.
I can not wait to test 1.4 with clouds - that’s the dream comes true. Thank you for all you doing, you just making my and other lives so much easier. I am new in Blender but already feeling very good with your addon. Keep rocking please!