Physical Starlight and Atmosphere Addon for 2.9 (v1.4) - now with Clouds!

That’s the thing, though. I logged in to each of my accounts, but it wasn’t there for any of them. I guess I must have paid for it without registering an account first and I just forgot about it over time and I don’t remember what email address or credit card I used when I bought it either, unfortunately. My memory is bad.

What should I do? Do I have no choice but to pay again? If I have to do so, that’s fine, but I just wish I could download new updates when logged out of my Gumroad account.

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Go through any email addresses you have any search for “Gumroad”. See if you can find your receipt for it, which would have the download info.

Let’s not derail the thread, though. To answer your question - it is a free update and it would show up in your Gumroad library (once you find it). :slight_smile:


Check in case you ordered it from Blender Market. I often but from Gumroad and Blender Market and always seem to look for things in the wrong place.

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Hey all,
I couldn’t fall asleep because I realized that the added “physical-ity” of lighting might have broken some existing workflows! I decided to make a hot-fix to include good old lower dynamic range skylight as it was before, that is closer how HDRI looks and behaves, and is surely more artist-friendly.

The v1.2 skylight has huge dynamic range (0.00001 w/m2 night sky to 1000.0 w/m2 sunlit white surface to 20000000.0 w/m2 - solar disk ).
It works beautifully together with ExtraLights addon and Photographer addon.
Now this means that artists need to take extra steps to achieve same results as in 1.1 and I completely understand the confusion!
Hotfix is on the way.


A very crude test, but I did it with the tools available right now:

value on the camera synchrozined with the photographer addon give me very close results, white parts are lit similarly and shadows match.

Aperture 4.0, shutter speed 4000, ISO100


Hey everyone,
I decided that by default the sky will be more “artistic” and look more magical out-of-box. With the next release of presets system, it will come with optional"physically accurate" value presets. I think it is a nice compromise.

So, I just uploaded a hotfix:

  • changes for “azimuth” and “elevation” values are now far more finer
  • “night intensity” parameter added
  • night sky by default is brighter and when Sun goes below horizon, it is not pitch black.
  • stars look more magical by default.
  • sun shadow (belt of venus) is less obvious.

Make sure you download the … again and re-install the addon.


If you turn on and than off the addon in the world properties. You still have the Sun in the Viewport and also the Exposure is set to -6. Would be great that by toggling the addon off you getting your default value and the sun ist deleted.

Im using 2.83…not sure if this might cause the problem.

oh, that is a bug. it should remove sun and set exposure back to defaults. would you mind checking the console?

Hi Martin, thanks for this fantastic addon and your continual updates here on how you are developing it.

I just wanted to add my “vote” and support on the direction you have taken in 1.2 to make the addon more physically accurate with regards radiance values and dynamic range. Please do keep a preset for this workflow.

After using so many 3D applications and render engines, I can honestly say it is frustrating how each have quite different relations between lights and camera. The only way to keep this consistent is to make it ‘feel and act’ how a real camera interacts with lights and the environments. The photographer addon has helped blender move in this direction and its great to see your addon working well with its theory of using real camera and light values.

Keep it up!


Two things I have noticed in the latest hotfix

Is this result to be expected when I tweak the exposure in the Photographer add-on?
With Atmosphere v1.1 it didn’t happen.

The reset seems to be broken.

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I bought it on Blendermarket, but never made account with BlenderMarket. If I create account now with the same email addy I gave when I bought it, will that work?

Nevermind! UPDATE: I created account with sam iimeru addy, and it worked. So I got the download and will be playing with it this evening. Arigato!


I will test this case tomorrow and let you know.


In version 1.2, I noticed that the sky at night, adjusting the exposure to 6, the sky is very banding.
with lower exposure values, you still see the banding, but less.
Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug?.

By the way, I love the physically correct path you have taken.

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Just to let you know, this same thing is happening in 2.82. Love the addon, and the realism path you’re following.

Large objects fogged in the distance don’t seem to be handled properly when they use transparency. I have a thin layer of 2D clouds in the distance of a shot I am working on and the fog causes the mesh to fog completely instead of just the clouds themselves.

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sounds like a bug. i want you to test our issue tracker feature. it has a template to fill for convenience:

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Thank you for the update. Your add on is great :slight_smile:

I’m getting a lot of firefly artifacts since the update and the only solution seems to clamp them down. Sadly, this reduces the brightness of the overall picture. Is there anyone having the same problem and knows any solution? Thanks in advance.

Checked it but no error is showing up in the console regarding to your addon

More inspiration for sky-renders aficionados :slight_smile:


Continuing the discussion from Physical Starlight and Atmosphere Addon for 2.8 (v1.2):

Are you using fog through physical starlight add on? If so, could you tell me what your settings are?