Physical Starlight and Atmosphere Addon for 2.9 (v1.4) - now with Clouds!

I’ve just checked 1.4.1 - it wasn’t fixed - alpha issue is still present…

the other limitation of the material base fog is that if you have a lot of heavy instances (like a forest for example), scene building time will skyrocket.

Still, the results are visually amazing

For now I would have to create my own air/fog - I hope this issue will be addressed in the future. contorling Air and Fog is essential for the great atmospreric visuals. This is what I’ve done - it’s simple, it’s not physicaly correct, but I can control it and it works for now. And mostly it has “custom” exposed property for chnages per material. For example when you have some bg plate which not suppose to be getting any fog/air… so now If I will write a python script to update this setup for each material and keep the custom property every time - I think that woudl be it. I strongly suggest the same for the addon, because this setup is not dynamic, air won’t change the color based on the sun angle - that’s what I regret the most.


Does anyone else exclusively get low detail clouds in both viewport and render in both EEVEE and Cycles (using the World node fix in the screenshot from @martinsh above)? An example:

I’ve played with the settings and cant get the natural clouds I’m seeing in some renders above. What am I missing? This is in 2.93.1 E-Cycles btw.

And you’re using PSA 1.4.1?

Yes! Although I spot checked 1.4.0 as well and it seemed to have the same issue.

I think I had some odd results with 1.4.0, but 1.4.1 is working better.
Even starting with a basic scene, the clouds look better here:

I wonder if there’s some other add-on that’s causing that issue on your end.
You could try with a portable build.


anyone having this particular problem perhaps?

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yes me, blender 2.93.1 here and the last add-on bought today. I am on eve . I cannot get deep dark shadow in day time for example. I don’t know why?

Thank you for debugging me.

Hi all, I just installed the bet version willing to test the new cloud system but I can’t any single cloud to show up on my system.

I have tried both Eevee and Cycles, setting experimental features on and off, tried in a completely new scene or one I had made prior to the update… nothing, physical starlight and atmosphere works just fine but the physical clouds don’t work at all for me, no matter what I try, am I missing anything?

I’ve read both here and in the documentation and blendermarket news but I can’t find anything that helps

Edit: it seems like it’s messing with physical starlight and atmosphere a lot on my computer, the default lighting settings are now completely foggy on the view even when the values are exactly the same as I used to have before the update, physical clouds seems to make an effect on that fog but it won’t show any clouds and physical starlight and atmosphere shows fog even on default values

It is on a separate panel - Please see picture, hope it help.

Are there any examples of cumulus-like clouds?

I am still using the old version(1.3). Buy when I change preset earth to mars or other option the scene didn’t update at all. And the parameter of sun and other option didn’t show. When I tried to reset things got error. I am using blender 2.93. Any solution?

thanks for the answer but it’s exactly the same for me, no clouds at all

Try check and uncheck the Box - I think you have to check the Atmosphere add on first. The cloud won’t show without the Atmosphere.

thanks, it seemed to work on a new file now, not working on scenes I have made a couple of days or weeks ago but seems to work for newer files if I do it that way, I hope it’s more reliable and stable when the final version comes out, anyways thanks for help :slight_smile:

Hey I Just found the clouds! This is really cool! But can we turn them around in z axis? This i didn’t manage.


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Guess not…:frowning: