Physically accurate - realistic lighting thread for Interior and Lighting Designers / Faculty

Hi all,


I started this thread as a collective place for artists to collaborate and exchange.
I am a 3D design generalist with a background in graphic jewelry and industrial design but since years primarily work/teach in Interior design.

Lighting is always a fascinating topic. And next semester I also teach for the first time a lighting course in Interior design.

For this, I plan to also include 3d rendering as a means to explore and visualize light.

So I thought that this thread similar to my photogrammetry thread could be an interesting place to meet and share knowledge and experience.

Now since I am going to teach lighting I was curious about how useful is Blender for accurately visualizing lighting.

  • False-color display,
  • tonemappin
  • blackbody
  • meshbody light body
  • sky / world color light
  • watt energy values …

all this are topics that are very interesting.

In the past I mainly adjusted images based on look and feel.

Whats your experience - opinion?
How do you use Bledner for this?
Can it compare with DiaLux and similar?

I may can help you, but I think my answer in german would be better as in english.
DM me or I just post a huge german block text about my work in a funiture company as Dipl. Des. (FH) and CG dude ;). I mostly do interior viz and product viz.
But I can confirm, lighting is based on look and feel.
Strong references are the key for great lighting. My current project is rebuilding my office in Blender and I know exactly how the light works here and I’m able to recreacte it nearly 1:1 in Blender Cycles.
For real, I could write another diploma about the topic xD.