physically sick?!

game blender is cool but i dont think ive played one game yet that when you move the camera everything doesnt start to warp and melt into another reality. even yellowcake ufo as brilliant as it is (totally astounding!) still has this artifact. can this be corrected with camera settings or are all games doomed to this?

not sure if this is what you mean but it might help :wink:

if you set the camera zoom to 21/22 then you can almost eliminate any kind of distortion. Play around with it, theres probably several settings that work well. Also, it will look a bit odd in the preview window, but when you save out an .exe it’ll look ok (when it adjusts the viewport to the camera size)


when in the camera view press pad+ and pad- to zoom in and out

you probably need to press pad+ until the viewable area of the camera (the outer dashed line) is just about in line with your viewport (window) edges

I`m glad you like it, you can adjust the cameras to suit your own preferance if you want to keep the file for future viewing. i kinda like it like that, but maybe thats just me though,
see ya.