physics and python: calculation activation help?

hi! i have a really complex scene that’s set up to be baked to ipo with bullit and i was wondering if i can tell the ge to only calculate the ones moving w/a script. i.e. activate those insade a radius of the last moved object or something like that… (then deactivate the rest)

I could do the python but I don’t know if this is possible or what commands to use (yes, i looked in the documentation…)

You could try to modify this script.

game to ipo.

  1. You could use a Empty that has a collision sensor and set it to ghost (ghost-detects collision but doesn’t interact). Set bounds to sphere.

  2. Then you would need to create an IPO for the empty, a path where you wanted
    it to record. (also set the sphere raduis to how large an area to include)

  3. Then you would need another script listening for collision on that empty.
    upon collision it would restore or suspend dynamics of the objects.

I hope this helps. It’s alittle confusing i know.
So, the anwser is yes it’s possible. It would be a little difficult to write this script.

Side note – if the reason you don’t record them all at once is because there are to many dynamic objects. you could you move some to a different layer and record just some at a time.

I’m gonna use the layer trick for now (i thaught because i’s all a big train of dominoes they had to be done all at once, then i realized the ipo would be the collision for the next one…)

i’m still gonna work on the script though, thx for the ideas, i think it’d be the best way.