Physics animation not being baked/ rendered

Hi guys, I really need help with baking and rendering my animation on a renderfarm.

I have tried to get this animation rendered on SheepIt and this is now going to be my third or fourth attempt. I need this animation as part of my portfolio.

Basically it’s an animation of gems falling onto a floor. There’s actually nothing wrong with the physics that I can see, it’s that the animation doesn’t seems to have baked right. What I’ve done is selected each gem one-by-one, clicked “Bake animation” and checked “visual keying”. I then saved and loaded it to SheepIt. Then after I downloaded the frames, I noticed that the animation of gems wasn’t rendered so it was like 250 frames of frame 1.

Is there something more that I have to do than just “Bake animation”?

Can you please help me?

Did you use the ‘Bake to keyframes’ in the Physics tab of the tool panel? That should make an action based on your simulation, with every frame keyed.