Physics be LOT?

Are there any tricks or methods that would reduce the amount of physics being used? :confused:


You could simply reduce to number of physics steps and physics sub steps in the world tab. :slight_smile:

You can also suspend physics via logic- for example if the player goes a certain distance away from an object (under edit object / drop down menu> dynamics).

  1. Use collision meshes on complex objects (with a max of about300 polys)2) Make sure objects that don’t collide are “No Collision” rather than “static” with ghost

So, I try every single one of those ^^ and my physics is still exactly the same :\

Do you use any scripts that increase the amount of physics tick rate?

I use tracking scripts with no pulse

are you using a different tracking script for each object?

What is the setup for your game / what are you trying to simulate?

What exactly is the problem? “Physics” is not really a measurable quality. You can’t have less or more physics unless you’re referring to how many objects have physics applied. Is the problem the framerate?

Physics is very “measureable” It is in the Framerate and Profile option. I only have 1 script.
I am doing a plane simulation.

when I have 9 planes and an AA gun, the physics is up to 62 % VERY LAGGY

whats the poly count on your models?

Around 300 per plane, and you can shoot off wings. Some have tail gunners.

I would guess that youve done some modding inside your physics panel to make the planes act like objects in the air. Ive never tried flight simulation inside blender but maybe your taxing your system by overloading some physic properties?

My planes are actually REALLY simple. They have a track to nearest _______ script. And that’s how they don’t fall like a normal dynamic object would.

can you post the blend it would be alot easier to help.

So the problem is the framerate then?

There you go. :eyebrowlift:

Well, I think the “physics” brings the framerate down when it gets this high. :stuck_out_tongue:


planes.blend (1.54 MB)

This look very interesting:) but it runs very good on my computer.(My very old computer) How large are you textures?

Pretty small, around 512 by 1512 per pane and bullets/smoke.