Physics Box! HELP!

I made a box for my game now how can i make it so that when my character walks into the box the box will move.

Thanks For Your time! :smiley:

walks into the box?

oh, you mean like pushing a crate

umm, unfortunatley not many good ways come to my mind [in theory they would cause the box to go flying]

but simply having the box be dynamic and using liv motion on the character doesn’t work?

ill try many ways and when i find a way ill let this forum know :smiley:

If your using 2.33:
Make it a dynamic object and have it is box bounds collision shape. The higher the mass setting is the more force it will take to move the box so turn it up to prevent the box from moving too much when pushed. Also mess around with the form and damp settings on the dynamic object to get the exact result you want.

If your using 2.25:
Do same same as stated above with just a sphere collision shape.

Take a look at my Fried Caterpillar game. The caterpillar pushes Toadstools and Blocks around. It’s not the best game I ever made but that part works OK.


This is unrelated, but on that game, how do you get the caterpiller’s body sections to follow him?

R2Blend: Just check out his blend file. If you delete all the logic bricks that don’t affect movement (like the sound ones) it is a really simple and cool way to get them to follow the one ahead.

I got it working with a vehicle that articulates in the middle and can also do reverse direction with it. My only prob with this method is I was using the collision detection around the vehicle like in the Cartest.blend (with the invisible bumpers) and it does not work well together with the way follow works in the caterpillar game.

When I get collisions the whole thing explodes and I often lose one of the 2 pieces through the floor.

I had a similar problem to Hush (with reverse) when I first tried it in my old Explosives Express game. Guess it’s not the best method but I couldn’t think of anything better.