Physics Bug: Triangle Mesh hopping in 2.71 - RIP Please

Is there something wrong with triangle mesh physics in Blender 2.71?
I’m having problems with triangle mesh physics objects recently. They are just hopping like crazy.

In the example blend the triangle mesh object on the right is hopping endlesly without ever moving into rest state.
I checked the behavior in 2.65a with the same blend, after hitting “P” the triangle mesh object hops for a short time and then rests.

Systems tested:

  • Win7 64Bit
  • Linux Mint 17 64Bit

Anyone else encountered this problem?

physicsbug.blend (524 KB)

Giving the floor colision bounds other than triangle “solves” it. (box,convex h)
But, I also would really like to know why triangle on triangle collision bounds shake.
Edit: making the Margin “0” solves that also.
The reasoning for this is beyond me.

It’s a known bug in the Bullet engine. It has been committed: But question is will it ever get fixed?

Probably because it then sticks into the ground mesh.