Physics Buttons

Hi. I’m running Blender 2.49, in one of my scenes, the Physics buttons are acting strangely: like an older Blender version. (Like enabling Physics, then Actor, and it has Dynamic/Rigid Body buttons.) The other scene is fine, however. I had Blender 2.45, but uninstalled it. Also, I recently open up some .blends created in v.2.25. I appended objects created in 2.49 into the scene. Please help. Thanks!

EDIT: Oh, and the damage is there also when I create a new, empty scene.
Also, my Blender scripts were installed into the 2.45 version, which I moved to 2.49, so there is possibly a bad script there…

Another EDIT:
Reinstalled Blender. Appended that scene’s objects to another file, they were fine. Appended them back, not so fine. I could bring everything into another .blend, but I shouldn’t have to.

Make sure you have an active world

You mean this?

Oh, it works! Thanks SO much! :smiley: