Physics Demo

Today I was playing around with the new game engine preview (8b) and I looked at the bridge test, I noticed that the ball bounced on the bridge, so I thought I’d try a trampoline.


Download Link - tramp.blend

Any comments?

wow thats great! :smiley: im working on a matress demo like HL2 had :smiley:

Any other comments?

that’s a cool demo! Can we use this as one of the example for Blender 2.43?

Can you please upgrade to Blender 2.43 preview 9b. On request I moved to use degrees instead of radians for the pivot axis. You can visualize the axis and upgrade the file?
If so, please reply on the Bullet physics forum,

You can use it as an example. I have to download preview 9b before I can change it and post it

Heres the updated version, for preview 9b

very awesome :smiley:

any ideas for another physics demo?

yes. a bigger demo idea… a street with telephone poles and wires with cars that can be shot and watch the doors fly open… and other stuff.

maybe a house you can walk threw and shoot stuff and watch the physics go :smiley:

that would be pretty cool, I want to create another one, there are so many possibilities now

I’ll see what I can come up with.