Physics Dropper

After spending a whole week placing boxes in a chaotic order, I spend another week to create this little add-on.
In the end it only serves a simple purpose but I don’t want to do without it anymore.

With this add-on you can place all selected objects with the help of physics with just a few clicks.
Basically, it’s drop-it on steroids.

Just select the mesh objects you want to drop and click “Drop”.
Pause the simulation, change the initial situation and when you are satisfied with the result press “Apply”.

Blender Market:

Any suggestions for improvement would be greatly appreciated.



Added commercial tag.


Very nice!
Your addon reminded me of this presentation by Martin Enthed from IKEA.

I do’nt know if its possible but would be nice to have this shake button to do a slight randomization in groups of objects.

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simplest operation
fast result
price-performance top
belongs to my personal top-addon selection


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Hi Elin,

for example
when i drop a very detailed objeckt
it is rather better to simulate with a dummy lowpoly object,

If the process can be simplified there as well, very much!

the steps would maybe :

that there is in the Dropper-menue the possibility to remesh the objeckt and to define it as the parent, the actual high-resolution is then child and is of course no longer simulated .

But I am already very satisfied as it is.

That’s a great Idea.
Biggest problem in Blender is the viewport performance.
Temporary hiding the detailed mesh could be a solution I have to look into it.

I’m currently working on a cloth dropping extension for as example plankes, papers and pillows which should be done by the end of the week.

Temporary hiding the detailed mesh could be a solution I have to look into it.


that is already a solution!

another suggestion would be:

if you simulate with hierarchies that there is a possibility to hide the children

-hide the children and then
drop! so that childrens will not get the RigidBody-solver


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I’m making good progress on the implementation.
I hope to have it ready by next weekend.

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Eearthquake feature will be part of the next Version :+1:


super, I envy you that you can do this.


This is a very nice add-on.

It’s super straightforward, and easy to use: two clicks, and you’re done. Getting things done quickly makes a big difference while working, and this add-on does exactly that.

If it gets more features, I will gladly pay any extra money to support its development.

Do you think it would be right if I raise it to 4$ after the updates?
Of course, all those who have already bought it for 2$ will get the update for free.


Yeah, I think so, though I’m not a developer, so I can’t appreciate the work that goes into making an add-on. But personally, I think the raise is totally fair.

All features done :hot_face:

  • Cloth dropping with presets
  • Earthquake mode
  • Proxy system for highpoly meshes

Tomorrow some more testing and I have to create a video which explains everything and then i can push the update in less than 24 hours :blush:


just got this. looks simple yet powerful

This looks really great, because it’s so simple to use!

I think one huge addition would be the ability to drag objects around, while in simulation mode. You know, to nudge stuff in the right direction. But it would basically remember the selection of objects to simulate, and only the currently selected (and moved) objects aren’t simulated anymore (or they go back to being simulated once you finish your transformation). This way you can both move the apple box around, while the apples are simulated, or a single apple, to put it in a better spot (or stir the other apples with it).

Can i ask, did you make it with Serpens Visual Scripting ?

Yes it is completly made with serpens.

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Cool, very cool

I still see physics_dropper_1.0.4 in my downloads and no update yet :laughing: