Physics for linked objects

I’m wondering if there’s a way to enable physic properties (mostly collisions) for linked objects (chars, props etc) in the BGE.
Is it possible at all or does one have to use a shortcut, say use an invisible box around an object etc?
thanx in advance

You can enable physics properties in children, but with a couple of caveats. Firstly, you need to make sure their physics collision bounds aren’t intersecting (ie they’re not touching each other) or you can get things flying off in weird ways. Second, it’s worth remembering that a parent child relationship locks the child in position relative to the parent, so you won’t get any loose movement between them like links of a chain. Think of it as more that they’re nailed together. Third, if you’re using convex hull type collisions, then usually you want a simplified shape for your collision boundary anyway, as this can be very CPU intensive with anything beyond pretty low poly objects.

Hope that helps!

Hey blendiac, thanx for responding.
I just wanted to make sure that it’s possible so as to avoid tricks & hacks if there are not really necessary.
Some of my long standing assumptions about the BGE have been put to test lately and failed so double checking is a must.
I’ve linked in trees, rocks, stones and other props so there will be no movement involved.
Will try it out and see how it works out.

I’m bumping this thread because the suggested advice either doesn’t work or I can’t get it to work.
I cannot make linked objects react to collisions, near or touch sensors. No matter what I try fails in such a context.
I guess I took Blendiac’s response too lightly so maybe I’m still missing out important stuff.
Are you guys absolutely positive that this is how it’s supposed to work? Namely:
#1. link (not append) an asset from another file (doesn’t have any physics properties in the original file)
#2. asset is imported as an empty and moved to a place in a scene
#3. asset’s physics properties are set to static and collision bounds are enabled
#4. a collision (or whatever) sensor is created for the empty and set to react to the material of the main character.

It all sounds like pretty elementary stuff but it won’t work. Hope I’m missing something simple and terribly obvious here for I have populated a level with hundrends of linked objects with some of which my character will supposedly interact (like eat and such).

What I have managed to get to work is an invisible object, say cube, around linked object, not renderable during gameplay to react to collisions with the main character. I’m wondering, however, how on earth I can make the empty disappear after such a collision. Sending a message to the linked object involved (or another empty) and using that as a trigger signal to remove the linked object (or hide its visibility) doesn’t do the trick.
I’m truly wondering how I can remove a linked object through logic bricks in this case as none of the actuators work as I’d expect them to (i.e. edit object–>end object does not remove the empty).
Does one need python for this, that is bypass logic bricks?

I can’t figure this out so any help will be appreciated.