Physics & Gravity Question


I’m starting my first Blender game and want to make a simple driving game. I put together a few tests to get my basics and I’m having a hard time getting my car to react to the slope of a ramp. Meaning the car will not rotate when placed on a ramp but instead stays level to the ground. Only the front of the car touches the ramp and the rest sticks out.

I’m hoping there’s an easy fix for this… I’ve looked around but haven’t had any success in finding a solution here or in the Blender Gamekit book.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.



bah, the fix requires lots of tweaking

either, make your veichle a rigid body [more feasable now that box bounds and stuff are in blender], or use fh force and fh rot to make your veichle float and rotate.

for the fh stuff, hitting do fh in actor buttons will allow it to float [it doesn’t have to], and fh rot is to rotate to the ground

then, go into the material buttons for your ground material. Press the DYN button to get to the dynamic properties. Fh Force adjusts floating and rotating force, Fh damp controlls damping in fh region, Fh Dist controls distance of Fh Region. Friction and Restuit are the friction and bounce amount when an object collides with this material. Press Fh Norm on the material to enable floating on it.

Also, Tweak the rotation damp, regular damp, and probably form value to change behavior above Fh materials. Also, box bounds probably will not entirely float over an Fh floating material, the Fh stuff calculations are done at the center of an object, so one end can be on the ground the rest floating [without influence from the fh material]

also, rigid bodies act really weird with fh materials. You have been warned.

Thanks for the tips… I tried them out and am now heading in the right direction. It still acts weird (in other ways), but at least the car’s rotation is conforming to the slope of the ramp. I think I need to go in now and keep tweaking the friction and damping, etc. I also had to turn up the gravity.

I found a few game demos that have vehicles that do what so I’m going to try to learn from those as well. It’s pretty amazing program.

Thanks again,