Physics Issue

Hey guys, thanks for the support in my last thread. After testing the model, everything was fine with the textures. When I made a bounding box for my character, parented the armature to it, then tested it. The model rapidly flew into oblivion. My parent system goes Model>Armature>Bounding Box. Is there anything wrong with the parent system? Thanks in advance.:slight_smile:

Ok, model = no collision

Armature = no collision

Armature pinned to bounding box using parent

Bounding box = dynamic or rigid body

.blend ?

this would be my setup:
bounding box= dynamic, actor
armature= static, actor, ghost
model=dynamic, actor, ghost

There is little point enabling physics on the model, as its physics will not update with deformation unless you call reinstancePhysicsMesh() (or use replacemesh)
You’ve got some collision fighting with the parent relationship.

I just wanted to clearly state what your problem is. The physics engine automatically prevents objects from going though each other. That’s why you can add a floor and some walls and then your character won’t move though them.

When you put your bounding box around your mesh, you have basically put 2 objects in the same place and the physics engine’s solution to that is that they should be forced apart. But since they are parented, they can’t really separate so the engine goes crazy.

The solution is that only your bounding box should have physics on it and your armature and mesh should be “ghosts” or “no collision” so the physics engine will be happy to let those objects overlap.

Thanks, guys! The physics are working great now!