Physics motion help?

I am moving an object so far logic bricks but when i let off the button, I want my objects current velocity to slow to a stop. Like car physics, let off the gas and slow to a stop. Can anyone tell me how I can achieve this? ( I don’t think it would need it but I would prefer to not use python).

What kind of setup do you have? If you’re using an object set to dynamic or rigid body, the object will slow down by itself if it’s moving on a surface with friction.

Check to see if your keypress sensor has “TRUE” pulse

This is a wild guess and does not even apply to the above request.

I agree with Mobious.
When you use a Physics object you cen let the Physics Engine do this for you. Give the materials of the ground and of the moving object frictions >0.0. To achieve desired results I suggest to play with the friction values until you find a sufficient solution.

Additional to this you can set general damping values in the Physics Tab. It applies for Translation and Rotation motions. So the object will slow down by itself (like air friction).