Physics of a thread or chain

Hi, there are lessons or a principle, how can I make sure that I have a certain chain, for example, attached to two points at the ends, and that this chain has other chains or other objects, and that I can make a simulation of how the same chains or other objects fall from a certain point in the air and interact with each other.Снимок

What do you have so far?

What are you talking about?

Found this video here. What I need seems to be called a ragdoll. Now, although in this video you can see how to work with the chain, what should I do if I need to make the same restrictions so that instead of the chain there are beams that do not touch each other in any way, but the top one should be fixed ( and accordingly, other beams will also “hang” after the simulation as if they were tied to the upper beam)?

Any help???

If you want a rigid body to be pinned, give it the animated trait or change it from dynamic to passive. Both are in rigid body settings.