Physics Problem, Game Engine (.Blend)

Hi guys, yesterday I made a game on Blender but I have a problem with my physics, When it starts I dynamically fall like I should (e.g I would fall off the level) But if I try to walk off the level, Gravity stops working and I become static. I am un-sure what is causing this. I made a simple new Blend to show you guys, Any help is greatly appreciated, Thanks - Ross

P.S If its something to do with armature, I would like my character to be able to do animations when in collision with objects so if I touched a box with my Character, My armature would react.(e.g Collison with property Box - And - Action “Push”)

Physics Problem? :(.blend (917 KB)

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I added another motion actuator and i noticed that your character switches to static when he hits the plane.
But i’m sorry i don’t know how to fix.
Just thought this could help others.

Thanks for trying.

Sorry for this but… Bump

How about parenting the Armature to a handmade Collision Box? When I tried it, I could see the Walk Animation no more, but the Physics worked.

Thank you but I did this already! I want to make it that the armature does an action (push) when it hits a box :frowning: Thanks anyway :slight_smile: