physics question

is it possible. to make an explosion that throws physics enabled objects around. like when you throw a grenade by a barrel in half life2(and im not comparing bullet physics to that), the barrel goes flying from the blast. im pretty sure this is impossible, but i may be wrong.

Either do it in python, or do it how I would do it: Make it so when the grenade explodes, it adds the explosion FX (smoke, blast, particles, whatever), and it adds a sphere with a size ipo going from big to small quickly, which will push the dynamic objects away as if by an explosion.

i know pretty much nothing about python. ive attempted to learn it but only learned stuff irrelivent to the ge. and i thought of your idea with the ipo sphere, but i dont think that would work becuase it would be moving so fast that it would just go through most of the objects. well thats what i thinkā€¦ lemme give it a try.

wow haha it kinda worked cool. its not exactly what i wanted but it will do.