Physics Questions

does the physics engine include magnets, friction calculation, magnetic shielding, super conductors, acceleration, and electrical conducting?

Can you be more specific on what do you want to do?

I mean, why would you need super conductors in Blender?

Well I wanna play around with magnets. Super conductors with magnets can cause quantum locking and I wanna play around with that to improve my idea.

All physics are in the “Physics” tab, which includes collision, friction, force fields, cloth, fluids, etc.

As far as i know, Blender doesn’t have magnets, nor conductors (the closest is magnetic and charge forcefields). So no induction is possible, unless you’re using some script.

However, in a graphic level, you can simulate quantum locking using constraints. Like position limiting, path following, etc. There’s no real need to calculate many interacting fields, unless you’re making a game.

It could be fun, though