Physics Radius


I am programming a what you would call a ‘Minecraft Clone’. However, I have run into a problem. I am building the cubes using individual faces and delete what faces you cant see. However, the faces you can see need to calculate physics so that you don’t fall through them. This leads to a lot of lag when playing the game because of all the sides having the calculate physics for the player. What I would like to do is have a radius around the player where only the sides of the block that are in the radius can be calculated and the ones outside can stop calculating physics. What would be the best solution to this problem. thx :slight_smile:

P.S. I do know some python.

i think the biggest slow down is from having tons of objects. i my experience, static physics is pretty fast.

raycasting, even in python, is maddeningly slow for high poly collision.

Maybe create a separate object for the visual, and physical sides of things. The physical objects are added onto the visual ones if you’re close.