Physics simulation problem

hello everyone,
so i fractured a tea cup in over 300 pieces, and every of them is a rigid body with a convex hull for simulation. but i also added a spoon, wich should react with my shards. its physics detection has to be triangle mesh, otherwise it would look realy realy fake and unreal.
but the spood wont collide at all with the shards of the teacup, but it will collide with the ground wich is just a static plane… any suggestions or help,


How many sub steps? that sounds intense it might just be ghosting, try upping them one, and how many faces is the scene? also, what is the limits on your 6dof joints?

5 sub steps, got about 36300 faces… but its not for an game, i need to record the animation. what do you mean, by upping them one?
and what is 6dof joints?

The game engine, It thought you were talking about using the game engine to record the shatter

go to links and do new, 6dof , change ball to 6dof, change limits, see what happens,


RigidDemo.blend (948 KB)

but the spood wont collide at all with the shards of the teacup, but it will collide with the ground wich is just a static plane… any suggestions or help,

Attach or link to your blend file so others can see what you have

i dont konw why, but to upload this 55 kb file it would take like 3 hours or so… but it will be here then ok?
i dont get this stuff with this 6dof thing.
it want to record the shatter

the simulation works with all other bodys like a monkey or a cone witch are set to rigid body and triangle mesh. all the shards collide perfectly, but only the spoon wont!!! i even made a completly new one, but i doesnt work aswell

Well find somewhere else to upload it and give the link. As it’s you who want the help it’s up to you to make a little effort in making it easier for others to help you. At the moment all we’ve got is little info to be able to give a specific solution.

uploadet it to pasteall, but it failed at 99 %
it seems to be an problem, when i build the spoon out of an cube in edit mode… i made a realy ugly one out of an sphere and it worked just fine. ill upload the file now again, but i might be on the way to fix it :slight_smile:

ahhh backward faces maybe last time, do you know about normals?

yes i tried flip the normals multiple times, but no result…

Hrmm what kind of Cpu gpu etc? connection speed?
it sounds like you need a error tolerant protocol, or a better network, I think that eventually there will be a free add hock mesh net, but until then you need to try and rebuild the scene, are the pieces particles? because they don’t work in the game engine yet, only the candy branch, object “chunks” cut by hand would work the best, but I have never used “Frack”

hey, all the shards are independant objects, and if i simulate, they all collide perfectly with each other and the ground.
and if i add a sphere, a cone or an monkey, and set them to rigid body and triangle mesh detection, they collide with the shards and with the ground perfectly too.
but the spoon object seems to have problems… i think the reason is the specific shape, beacause i made severall spoons, an each of them caused problems, even with the ground. it kinda disappears a little in the ground with the top bit, and then shoots out of the ground …
could you try to model a simple spoon, and test it by your self, if you get the same errors, ill will attach a file with multiple spoons right now, ok?


blartist sppon.blend (700 KB)

cpu: asus intel i-5 quadcore
gpu: nvidia geforce gtx 570

you have to use cell fracture, its new and wonderfull way to fracture any object. its realy realy good, it even creates margins and i dont want to cut 300 pieces by hand

i wanted to record a falling spoon in the Game Engine. im not new to it, but the spoon wont collide right if i set it to triangle mesh, it is more or less falling thru the ground. but if i set it to convex hull it works, but it is not accurate enough.
i attached the .blend file, just press “p” to see what happens, i hope you can help me blartist sppon.blend (700 KB)

Ok first thing use rigid body, second, use more margin, third, I don’t know how you made the spoon but there is somethng odd about it, here is mine that works :slight_smile:


Spoon!.blend (464 KB)

there some “little” problem with the scale of the spoon (the original size of the spoon is about 50 meters :smiley: )

then as say bluePrint , a bit of margin should help

PS: very cool the fracture tool !!