Physics stress test

I have created a stress test (just out of curiosity)…



Look at the timer property for the circle and the FPS, and post the time at which your computer reached 5 FPS.

Mine was 27 seconds, and I have an intel 2.4 GHz proscessor with 1 GB ram.

Also, if anyone can suggest how to make this a bit better, I am interested to know.

I’m getting an empty .zip file - nothing in it

i cant get it to download


Here is another host:

I got to 36 before it hit 5.0

i got to 32.7 before it hit 5.0

on [email protected] and 768MbDDR ram
ATI radeon 9200

Edit: i’m at 1280x1024 res

I get 60 until 5fps

2.4 GHz core 2 duo
1GB of ram
Radeon X1900XTX 512MB

1440X900 resolution << im geussing screen resolution has some bearing on performance too?

For a physics stress test i guess you want to have a standard resolution as well as few graphical elements e.g lighting.

13 seconds

128mb ram
Matrox MGA-G200 8mb
1024X768 resolution

old, i know

edit: hmm increasing the resolution decreased only 1 second

33 sec. Had a few other programs running but it would probably not have made much differense with them off.

3Ghz, 1GB RAM, radeon x600. 1280×768 (yep I got widescreen:D)

23 sec, 1.8 Ghz Pentium IV, 256 Mb RAM, nVIDIA Geforce 2, 1280x1024
(other programs running in the background as well)

Wanted Bob