"Physics Student" Title + .blend

I spent about 3 hours tweaking this :yes: - ( so much for my estimation of 20 minutes :))
Here are the variations:
which one looks the best?

the .blend is attached . It’s just about all compositing with very little in the 3d window (just text) .

you should be able to Re-do the text somewhat easily (it’s just 2 text objects in the 3d view). post a pic if you do change it- I’d like to see that at least some of my work is put to good use :slight_smile: !

the aspect ratio fits my laptop screen (it’s currently my background) and the image will change based on this aspect ratio since the circle in the background is a blend texture.

also, the quick-gauss blur is there for the lines - it took awhile to tweak it like that.
oh yeah, and the compositor is really somewhat messy - this was by far the most ad-hoc node tree I’ve made yet :stuck_out_tongue:

  • if you are gonna modify it, the viewer node helps deconstruct what’s being composited onto what.

I’m finished because I actually need to get to my physics homework :stuck_out_tongue:


physics.blend (213 KB)

I think the last red one is the best. It has a nice amount of contrast, but the gray part could be a little brighter.