Physics + time remapping

Time remappping has a strange influence on the behaviour of the rigid body objects.

It seems to me that the interpolation is “kind of” set to a smooth temporal interpolation (spatial interpolation would be great in my opinion but not temporal). Is it true?

So I have that “cell fractured” cube that explode very well for me, but trying to slow down the animation with time remapping make that kind of “speed up - slow down” movement of each objects.

So what is your question? I have not tested it now but last time i used that feature is was smooth with any physics system i had.

Hello Schamph,
Thanks replying!
My question is : How to avoid this “wrong” behaviour.
If you look closely, the rotation animation is correct but position animation wrong.

Hello, I had seen this technique a while ago, hope this will be better.

For some reason and this could be a bug that they jitter so much but you can solve it by calculating the rigid body to frame and then change the time remapping…

Excellent! Works fine. Thank you Schamph! :+1:

How it was “solved” (or getting around the problem):
-Selecting every objects (with the rigid body simulation)
-(In 3D view) Go to Object > Rigid Body > Bake to keyframes
-Then (in Dope sheet) select all keyframes, press “s” and “x” (with time cursor on the first frame) and press for example 10 to be slow down 10 times.

But the issue still remains…? The time remapping still dosen’t works properly…

Thank you a59303! :+1:

That’s the method I finally used to solve my problem.

It looked like a pretty good way to do it.

Have you tested it after you baked it? It worked for me after the bake to keyframe thing.

Yes, once keyframed, it is regular keyframe interpolation, and it worked fine for my animation.