physics when adding an object

When I add an object into the current layer from a different one, it does not collide with anything even though its physics type is set to rigid body. How do i make physics work???



is it set to ghost?

what is the physics bound type

It is not set to ghost and I tried all physics bound types to see if any on them would work and none of them do ;(

post a .blend

Btw I slowed down the bullets in hopes that maybe they were going to fast to detect but it didn’t work. Here is a MediaFire link to the blend

I changed the bullet physics type to dynamic, added the “earth” property to the cylinder that the bullet is looking for, and now I believe it works as intended. I also changed the mouse click sensor to tap so that it only spawns a single bullet with every click.


Space Shot.blend (1.35 MB)

Thank you sooo much!!