Physics with deterministic behavior?

There seems to be some amount of randomness (or perhaps initialization/rounding error?) with BGE physics and I was wondering if it is possible to get deterministic behavior from BGE? I understand that I can record everything to keyframes but what I am looking for is the ability to get a reproducible play through in the game engine (i.e. assuming the same set of events occurs, the exact same behavior results). A simple example is that I have a set of blocks that I loosely placed and when I ‘play’ the scene without ‘touching’ anything, some of the time the blocks settle and stay stacked, but some of the time they fall over. If it’s not possible to do so, is this due to BGE or Bullet?

bullet is not deterministic. This might be a result of precision, or whatever else.

Nevertheless for a game it is avceptable unless you want to create one that relies on that.

Thanks for the confirmation and info re: the source being bullet. I don’t think it’s a deal killer, just a limitation I needed to understand.

You think it’s reliable enough for dynamic bodies, at least? My own project doesn’t have any rigid-body collisions planned even in the background, let alone in relevant gameplay.