Hey every one im new here so im knida a noob.:o With the new bullet contest i would like to know are there good tutorials out there on using it. Im OK at modeling but i dont know how to use game engine. specificly have it actualy render textures and lighting when simulating. Thanks :cool:

I think you will find that there is too much for you to learn in time to enter this contest. However, I can’t decide that for you, so here is a good start on the Game Engine and Bullet Physics:

Start here: Blender Game Reference Guide (browsable online, or download 1.2MB)

For textures and lighting: Materials and lights follow different rules in the Game Engine than they do in other parts of Blender. To see what your game really looks like, make sure you are in Textured Draw Mode. To do this, simply press [Alt+Z] over the 3D viewport or press [D] over the 3D viewport and select “Textured” or select “Textured” from the Draw Type menu on the 3D viewport menubar. The basic method of applying textures is by UV mapping, and many helpful tutorials have been written on that subject. Recent versions of Blender include a “Use Blender Materials” option in the Game menu on the main menubar. To learn more about this feature, read this: Game Engine Material Documentation (browsable online, or download)

You can find more info about using the Blender Game Engine in the Tutorials Sticky Thread at the top of this forum board. Also, I have many useful tutorials on my website, though I do not have any specifically about Bullet Physics.

The best examples of the new Physics Constraints are in Appolonius’ Demo Thread. The constraints require Python scripting to use in 2.42a, but in the new 2.43 preview releases, they can be used through the constraints section in the Object button panel.

Hope that helps you get started. It may be overwhelming at first, but if you stick with it and read everything you can, you’ll be an expert in about six months.

Thanks for responding. I know I won’t win or even finish a project but i want to learn. TY again