half of the body of my character is passing through the plane. How do I fix it?

Delete the plane :stuck_out_tongue:

You need to either move the object centre of the character closer to the ground, increase the size of the collision sphere (I’m assuming you’re using the sphere bounds?), or create a physics object like a tall box, set it to dynamic and box bounds then parent your character (and armature) to this physics box. Character mesh and armature would need to set to ‘no collision’. The last method is more complex, but is advised and most commonly used.

Damn it! Blender is so darn complicated to me! I havent started a project for years!

look darn simple to me :?

Teach me how please!

Anger creates far more problems than it solves. :yes:

Patience and time dedicated to learning are a much more productive way to spend your time.

If you are willing to give up when you get a few setbacks then you might as well give up on life and turn to hard drugs.

Nothing that is worth achieving is easy to achieve. :wink:

Edit: Read my post from above and try to understand what was said. Then try to do what was said. If you still have problems then ask more questions. Shouting and making self-destructive threats can only cause harm.

Set your character to no-collsion and put it inside an invisible box, parent it to the box
and put all the motion and such-like on the box

Anything wrong with using the convex hull bounds, especially with Ben2610 having implemented Bullet’s re-instance physics mesh function?

Or you can use a compound, parent a simple shape or two to the character, select compound, and you’re good to go if you do it right, you just set up the bricks for the character like a usual object.

Do you have a mirror modifier on the model or is the char just a box? If you have a mirror modifier just apply it, then problem solved.

Well, convex hull bounds would work, but would be inevitably slower than a simpler bounds shape.

ideasman42 (I believe) introduced the re-instance physics mesh function and although this provides for accurate collision bounds, he stated that to recalculate the physics mesh every logic tick would be very expensive in processor time. Physics meshes are usually only instanced on game startup because this process is quite intensive. After large changes to the shape of an object, I imagine that re-instancing the physics mesh might be beneficial, or more appropriately after the mesh of an object is changed and the physics mesh is re-instanced to the new mesh.

Compound shapes would work well, as you suggested, but I believe that the issue originally reported by younguser is due to a lack of understanding of the relationship between physics shapes and mesh shapes. For this reason, I was trying to keep things pretty simple. I apologise if I failed in this (as it seems I have).

Perhaps if younguser could give a little feedback about what he/she has tried and what doesn’t work still then people could give more useful advice in relation to their current understanding.

If you are willing to give up when you get a few setbacks then you might as well give up on life and turn to hard drugs.

Nothing that is worth achieving is easy to achieve. :wink:

Nice one ahhahahaah

I think that quote is showing the ‘friendly’ Blender community blatently trying to fail him on all levels.

Is it so hard to make this community a nice place for people:spin:



I didn’t met to be mean,
just found that it sound amazing.

If you really want to learn BGE younguser,
I can take you under my wing and show you the long and
painfull path to learn how to “properly” make games in blender.

but such training will be highly time consuming and I don’t
have time to train anybody who “think” he want to.

If you really want me to teach you all the stuff I know,
you’re gonna have to make me hell of a proof that you’re worth of this time.

I you succeed doing that,
Il be honoured to be your ninja teacher :wink:

careful though, I’m really hard to impress :stuck_out_tongue:

How do I make an invisible box?

WHY, IT WORKS! The invisible box works to me. TNX A LOT! can you be now my ninja teacher?


that’s a start…
but impressing a ninja take more blood & tears :stuck_out_tongue:

if you have any question, i’d be honoured to answer them
(Better than I did lately ehhehe… was just kidding… as alway hehehe)