Physx:AGEIA PhysX Card

So blender GE compatibility in the future and whats youre thoughts of the Physx card

i dont think it will ever happen

The main reason I believe Bullet may not use PhysX soon is that very few people have that card now and is not mainstream.

It’ far too young.

ok I see your views
and the whole concept

  1. PhysX card is not multiplatform

  2. It is not possible to accelerate Bullet using PhysX card


  4. GPU seems to be much faster then PPU if you believe ATI & Nvidia:

“Also ATI says they are going to be simply faster than an Ageia PhysX card even with using a X1600 XT and that a X1900 XT should deliver 9 X the performance of an Ageia PhysX card.”

See this recent ATI movie (running Havok physics on their GPU):

So it’s more likely that Bullet is going GPU in the future :wink: