Some quick artwork i did with about 10’000 digits of pie, i think it turned out great and it has a nice feel to it.

10K digits of PI–is that raytraced transparency??

Dang, I was hoping for cherry or blueberry.

@atom, hehe, gd one :stuck_out_tongue:

i think maybe if you ratated the camera a bit to capture mor of thenumbers in the begining…i mean like you can only make out 3.14 the rest is all jumbled up together. make it so we can see like 3.141592

I can see 3.1415926, DDD.

edit: And if I look at it maximized I can see 3.1415926535897…

Ok maybe, i should have been more clear, yeah you can see, but for me i kinda have to “decipher”(extreme word here) the numbers, rotate the camera for easier viewing of the numbers, that is what i mean. And i dont mean by a whole lot either, just a bit so numbers could be seen a bit more clearly.

But hey, i guess it is up to you meat lover

You know, if it were me, I’d make the number follow a curve & wrap it in front of the camera :D…

& then maybe add something to the background :yes:

then the whole point of going off into infinity (as Pi does), is kinda lost…

It is ray traced transparency.
Just left the render up over night with a few computers working on it using the loki render farm.

awesome! lol, it stretches out over 10k numbers?!? and I can only remember 28… :frowning:


looks really awesome, and the material is cool :smiley:

indeed it has a nice feeling to it although if i may voice my opinion i might have two things that would make it even nicer. if I may not i will shut up.
the two things are;

  1. a very slight beveled edge. And i mean very slight, just to make it seem like the glass is not cut at a mathematically correct 90 degree angle, which no thing would ever be for real. just to make it so that there is actuallyan edge rather thatn two perfectly intersected planes.
  2. smoothing of the sun-light. with a bright white surrounding it would look alot better if the shadow is smoothed to the point thet it is actually just a blur rather than a recognizable shape.

that is what i believe. the image has great potential but it needs to be fine-tuned.
also, dont change the angle so we can see more of the numbers. the angle is perfect.

Really, I can see 3.141539265358979

Alright lol i get it, nobody agrees with me, so eh, ya know what they say… if ya cant beat 'em join 'em.

I lost the .blend file crash (it was not backed up) but i want to do a yafaray version with caustics.

i thought this was so cool i had to try and make my own, sorry, i feel like a douche trying to make someone elses concept but this image is so fun to play with, it looks really good to be so simple.
i traded transparency for glossy reflections so rendertime was still horrible.
again, sorry for making your concept, i just had to try it.


Very good.

also i found other ways to make it even better and reducing rendertime alot, removing all heavy effects and just adding a light that is only specular.
sorry again for stealing your concoept, its just so fun to play with this